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Sea Canoe Thailand’s Restaurant on trip

The Heart of.. Sea Canoe

There are many folks who deserve credit for SeaCanoe's success. Most of all are the staff of SeaCanoe, the heart of all our environmental efforts.

GREAT FOOD! Sea Canoe serves a delicious multi-course hot meal, cooked right on the escort boat while you are paddling- we don't pre-cook in the morning. Our Thai meal includes a variety of foods that work for almost all tastes. We avoid spicy foods except for sauces that you can use on your own. Special meals can be arranged for a variety of diets, just make sure to tell our office before your trip.

" In all my two weeks of being wined and dined in Thailand I have had the best food here on a boat in Phang Nga Bay with Sea Canoe"

Thai Lunch or Dinner with seven tastes to not spicy
Mild soup with vegetables, bean curd
(Kaeng Jeud Tao Hu)
Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts
(Kai Pad Med Mamuang Himmaphan)
Beef in ground peanut-coconut cream curry (Phanaeng Nua) Fried mix-vegetables with oyster sauce
(Pad Pak Nam Man Hoy)
Fried fish with sweet & sour sauce  
(Pla Rad Prik)
Thai KFC “Fried Chicken”
(Kai Tod)
Fried – rice with vegetables & egg
(Khow Pad)
The seasons fruits
Extra more tastes on Sunset Dinner Trip
Light Lunch and Snack
Fried yellow noodle
(Pad Mee Leung)
Deep Fried Chicken Roll
(Kai Jor Tod)
Tuna sandwitch Pineapple Jam Cookies
Herb Healthy Juices to Serve On Board
Roselle Juice
Pandanus Juice
Herb Medical On Board
Goat's Foot Creeper
(Phak Boong Ta-Lae)